LIVE from Seattle

by Logan Lynn

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Logan Lynn: "LIVE from Seattle" was recorded at Chop Suey on Sunday, July 14th, 2013 at the Seattle, Washington stop of the A.B. Queer Music Benefit Tour with Logan Lynn, Big Dipper, Darling Gunsel and Rica Shay.

Set list:

1. Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks
2. Hologram
3. Do You Want Me Or Not?
4. Smoke Rings
5. Velocity
6. The Ghost Of Someone Else
7. Loud Enough
8. Radio Silent
9. Turn Me Out
10. Quickly As We Pass


released July 16, 2013

Performing with Logan Lynn on this recording is Gino Mari (Backing Vocals, Live Sound Design). Recorded, mixed and engineered by Kirsten Powell (Chop Suey, Seattle).

Photo: Adrian Sotomayor



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Track Name: Logan Lynn LIVE from Chop Suey, Seattle - July 14th, 2013
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1-3: Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks (Album)
4, 5: I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday (Album)
6-9: Tramp Stamps and Birthmarks (Album)
10: I Killed Tomorrow Yesterday (Album)